Compassionate Revolution

01 - Showing up as your authentic self with Ian Cusson

May 30, 2023 Loose Tea Music Theatre / Ian Cusson Episode 1
Compassionate Revolution
01 - Showing up as your authentic self with Ian Cusson
Show Notes

In this episode of the Compassionate Revolution podcast, Alaina Viau (founder of Loose Tea Music Theatre) tackles the topic of burnout and the importance of rest with Ian Cusson, a talented composer of art song, opera, and orchestral works. Ian's work explores the Canadian Indigenous experience, delving into the history of Métis people, the hybridity of mixed racial identity, and the intersection of Western and Indigenous cultures.

They discuss what productivity truly looks like and how we can optimize our days for creativity. Ian shared his personal journey and the lessons he has learned along the way, including the power of being authentic and showing up as our true selves, even when it feels uncomfortable.


[00:03:00] Being real with others.
[00:04:50] Accepting facades and temporary reality.
[00:07:58] Burnout in the industry.
[00:11:55] Working with disabilities.
[00:13:21] Mental health in the performing arts.
[00:19:13] The power of napping.
[00:20:55] The benefits of napping.
[00:25:12] Accessing different flow states.
[00:29:14] Redefining work schedules.
[00:31:39] The myth of the eight-hour workweek.
[00:36:04] The importance of different needs.
[00:38:00] Unique Daily Schedule
[00:40:03] Daily schedule and productivity techniques.
[00:45:14] Taking time for yourself.
[00:49:07] Artistic hobbies for relaxation.
[00:51:03] Downtime contributing to our artistry.
[00:54:07] Disability and work accommodations.
[00:59:02] Taking time between creating.
[01:01:35] Perspectives and action-inspiring.


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